Celine Jewelry Box

Cell/text: 714-797-2618
Email: Celinesjewelry@yahoo.com


We buy:

Rings, necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets/anklets, earrings, cuff links, brooches/pins, We accept all precious metal coins including but not limited to bullion, numismatic and commemorative coins, gold and silver bars, gold and silver rounds, gold and silver bullion, gold teeth, silverware, and much more. Your items can be broken, scratched, mismatched, old or new, regardless of its condition we will buy your jewelry.


Gold purity is measured in Karats:
  • 10K is 41.7% Pure
  • 14K is 58.3% Pure
  • 18K is 75.0% Pure
  • 22K is 91.7% Pure
  • 24K is 100% Pure


Platinum jewelry is often cast in high purities such as: 900, 925 and 950 which are 90%, 92.5% and 95% pure respectively.


Sterling Silver (92.5% pure) is the most common form of silver. Although lately some designers have begun experimenting with lower purities to offset the high cost. Anything stamped ‘925’ is typically Sterling.


Palladium is in the same family of metals as platinum. It is a pure white metal like it’s big brother. Although not as valuable as platinum, palladium is still very rare. Palladium is also cast in high purities such as 900, 925 and 950 like platinum.

Bullion (Coins / Bars)

We buy coins and bars of all sizes from all over the world and pay top dollar.


Sometimes worth more than just scrap silver, your silverware is a premium item we love to buy.

Antique Jewelry

Having something very old and unique? We love these types of items! Ask for a free estimate on your antique jewelry.
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